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O’Brien Motors Car Repair and Car Service

O’Brien Motors provide a personal service with emphasis on quality and value.

Our technicians are fully qualified and trained to the highest standard and have over 30 years experience.

Our Budget Service includes:

  • Oil and oil filter replacement.
  • Spark plugs are checked and we will advise you if they need to be replaced.
  • Air filter is checked and we will advise you if it needs to be replaced.
  • We remove all wheels and examine condition of brakes.
  • All steering is given a complete check over.
  • All lights are checked and bulbs replaced if necessary.
  • Anti – freeze is also examined in winter time.
  • Screen wash is topped up.
  • Tyres are pumped.

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During general service if any additional parts need to be replaced the customer will be advised and work will only be carried out after customers consent.

Your vehicle will be maintained and serviced by our professionally trained technicians. Service booklets are stamped , helping to maintain your vehicle’s resale value. On completion of service vehicle will be washed.

O’Brien Motors Car Repairs & Service

Why Choose O’Brien Motors for your car repairs and service?

  • We regularly receive technical updates for our diagnostic machines.
  • At O’Brien Motors we have a large array of special tools, testers and diagnostic equipment. These enable us to carry out work quicker and charge you less.
  • Customers are always made aware of any additional costs and their permission is sought before any additional work is carried out.
  • We only use premium grade oils, fluids and coolants, and we ensure that the correct grades are used in each component. Poor quality oils, or wrongly specified grades can cause premature wear and damage.
  • All our work is guaranteed and all parts fitted come with a manufacturers warranty.
  • We keep accurate detailed records of all work carried out on your car so we can advise our customers on work that needs to be done.
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